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accommodations & RATEs

Accommodations are located both at the Bell Valley Retreat Center and the nearby Boonville Hotel. Morning workshops will be held at both sites. We will run a shuttle between each location.

Except for the Platform Tents and Tent Cabins, every room at both the retreat center and the hotel is unique. In order to make requesting a particular type of accommodation easier, we've created pricing tiers. While we cannot guarantee your first choice, we will endeavor to give everyone their preferred pricing option.

Premium Single   $2395

10 available at Boonville Hotel

2 available at Bell Valley (The Cottage)

Premium Double  $1895/$1695

2 available at Boonville Hotel

2 available at Bell Valley

Note: each double room contains 1 queen bed and 1 twin bed. The lower price is for twin bed accommodations.

Mid-Tier               $1495

Mid-tier accommodations consist of either the quadruple-occupancy Bunk House (connected to the historic Toll House at Bell Valley, or the two single-occupancy Tent Cabins adjacent to the Bell Valley knoll Bathhouse.

4 spots available in the Bunk House

2 single-occupancy Tent Cabins available

Budget                 $995

All Budget accommodations will be in double-occupancy Platform Tents at Bell Valley. Tents have electricity, raised cots with mattresses, and fans. There is also a lovely Bath House.

14 spots available in the Platform Tents

All scholarship accommodation will be in double-occupancy Platform Tents.

TentInterior copy.jpg
Fancybedroom copy.jpg

In addition to the conference itself, rates include onsite accommodations for the 5 days of the conference (Sunday through Friday), as well as all meals. 


A word about health & safety

In order to keep everyone safe, proof of vaccination against Covid will be required to attend Lit Camp. Depending on the state of things in May, we may also ask for a negative Covid test.

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