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co-working space for writers

Welcome to page Street - Lit Camp's cafe-style co-working space
in San Francisco

Located on the corner of Page and Laguna Streets in SF (a 5 minute walk from the shops and restaurants of Hayes Street), Page Street is like working at your favorite neighborhood cafe...only better.

Because Page Street is a members-only co-working space, meant exclusively for writers, the atmosphere is quiet (we even have a no-phone-call rule), and you won't feel nervous leaving your computer on your cafe table when you get up to refill your coffee or stretch your legs.


Plus...there's no barista giving you side-eye because you've been nursing the same latte for an hour.

Page Street is also about community. Our writers gather around the big table in our classes space each day at 12:30 pm for lunch and conversation.

Members also have access to the Page Street listserv, where they can get advice from other writers and share their publishing triumphs.


Page Street writers are also invited to read their work at our bi-monthly public readings.

to learn more about Page Street, including how to be  considered for membership, please click below
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