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frequently asked questions

Can I submit in more than one genre or more than once?

Absolutely! Submit as many times—and in as many genres—as you like. We will consider each submission individually. (You will need to pay the $27 Submittable fee for each submission.)


Who will be judging the submissions?

The Lit Camp board members, as well as local published authors along with select Lit Camp alumni.

Should I workshop the same work I submitted to get into Lit Camp?

Probably not. You probably submitted your most polished prose. You wouldn’t get much out of workshopping that. Why not bring something that needs work? Who are you trying to impress? We already know you’re a fabulous writer. After all, you got into Lit Camp.

What and how much writing should I bring to workshop?

A short story, a chapter, a scene. We want you to keep it under 4,000 words. If it’s shorter, we can go deeper.


Can I bring my own alcohol?

You can...and it will be perfect for our Happy Hours. That said, Esalen has its own bar, so they prefer you don't bring your wine and beer to dinner.

I’m a vegetarian/vegan/have food allergies; will I starve at Lit Camp?

Esalen is accommodating of special diets—within reason. If you let us know ahead of time, we will work with them to make sure you don’t expire while at Lit Camp.


Is there wifi at Lit Camp?

There is very limited wifi at Esalen...and only in a few of the premium

rooms and the lodge. Wifi is turned off during meals.


Will my cell phone work at Lit Camp?

No.​ There is no cell service at Esalen.

What if I forget my shampoo/lotion/body wash etc.?

No problem. This isn’t roughing it. There is shampoo, lotion, and body wash in your bathroom, towels and sheets in your room, too. (Unless you have chosen the sleeping bag or bunk bed option.)

Will I get my first choice of accommodation?

We’re going to do our best to make everybody happy. But remember—the best part of getting into Lit Camp, is getting into Lit Camp.


Can I bring my spouse/partner/kids/dog/cat to Lit Camp?

You can bring your family to Big Sur...just not to Esalen during Lit Camp. One of the most important benefits of Lit Camp is the community it fosters between the writers who attend. It’s an opportunity for writers to hang out with writers. 

How do the morning workshops work?

You will be assigned into a workshop group of seven other writers which will remain the same over the four mornings. Each morning you will review the work of two of the group’s members along with a workshop leader, who will change every day.


Why do the workshop leaders change every day?

This is to give the most number of participants the most exposure to as many of our diverse workshop leaders as possible. Ideally, your group will be lead by an author, an editor, and an agent.


What happens in the afternoon?

We’ve arranged panel discussions and master classes with special guests (see the schedule and faculty list). But hey, if you want to sit in the baths, or go for a hike, that’s up to you. We’re not your mom. (We will build in free time so you can enjoy the property.)


Why do I need to pay the full amount by April 4th?

Lit Camp is a nonprofit, and does not receive any funding from any external organization. The amount our participants pay to attend the conference does not cover the cost of the conference. Each year, we fundraise in order to break even. Any money raised above and beyond the conference expenses is put toward scholarships. 

Are there scholarships for Lit Camp 2020?

We feel confident we will be able to offer at least one scholarship (in the sleeping bag category) to Lit Camp 2020. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, apply to Lit Camp first. If you are accepted, you can let us know you'd like to be considered for a scholarship. Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of both need and merit.