Our Venue

Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA

The Esalen Institute was founded in 1962 by Michael Murphy and Dick Price. Inspired by the work of Abraham Maslow, Esalen quickly became the birthplace of the human potential movement.

Esalen sits on 27 acres of land tucked between the mountains and the ocean.The grounds are home to a working organic farm, a rushing creek, and natural mineral hot springs.


Guests at Esalen (including Lit Campers!) take advantage of free morning meditation and movement classes--which includes yoga--as well as the spectacular natural baths perched on a cliffside overhanging the ocean.

Esalen is well-known for its healing arts. Lit Campers will have time to enjoy a massage or other treatment.

The food at Esalen is healthy, sustainable, mostly organic, and entirely delicious.Each morning, Esalen farmers harvest produce and herbs from the onsite garden. All the fish served at Esalen is line-caught from Monterey Bay.

Three full meals each day are included in the cost of the Lit Camp conference.

Plus, Esalen now has a cozy wine, coffee & juice bar!